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Tuesday, October 13, 2009




Book Title: The Chronicles of Narnia
Author: C.S. Lewis
Genre: children/fantasy
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: The series includes seven novels (I am listing them here because I only own them on one big book, so they can't be read by more than one person at once). The seven books are: The Magician's Nephew (it was okay), The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (I really liked this one), The Horse and His Boy (my favorite in the series), Prince Caspian (the movie was better, but this will still good - better than the Magician's Nephew), The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (my other favorite only because of how imaginative the writing was in this one), The Silver Chair (lost my interest at first, but I really enjoyed the last half), The Last Battle (very interesting and pretty enjoyable. This one had a lot of really interesting parallels with society and religion today).

Book Title: The Count of Monte Cristo (abridged)
Author: Alexander Dumas
Genre: adult/adventure/classic
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: This is one of my very favorite books - I could not put it down!!! Edmund Dantes has everything and is framed by a jealous rival. He is thrown into a dark prison cell for 14 years. He manages to escape, find a huge treasure and tranform himself into the Count of Monte Cristo. Although he seeks revenge he seems to also find justice as well. This is the abridged version and so every now and then there are footnotes/endnotes to explain what has been left out - I didn't feel like I missed out by reading this version (it was still 620 pages).






Book Title: The Hiding Place
Author: Corrie Ten Boom
Genre: adult/ historical non-fiction/religion
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: By far one of the best books I have ever read! This book changed my life. The Ten Boom family is a Christian, Dutch family that hides Jews during WWII. They are caught and sent to concentration camps. Corrie and her sister Betsy smuggle a Bible in with them and have complete faith and love during this whole terrible ordeal.







Book Title: N or M
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: adult/young adult/Mystery
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: This is a Tommy and Tuppence mystery (if you are familiar with Agatha Christie she has series of books that follow the same character(s) - Tommy and Tuppance are a married couple at the center of this one). They are sent to find out who murdered a governement agent and what information that agent had found that got him killed. This was a good book and kept me guessing. Plus it was short and a quick read.



Book Title: The Peacegiver
Author: James Ferrell
Genre: adult/LDS
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: I really loved this book! It is about a married couple who is having some problems. With the help of his deceased grandfather the husbands is taken on a journey that helps him work through some of his issues and find spiritual healing.




Book Title: The Screwtape Letters
Author: C.S. Lewis
Genre: adult/religion
Submitted by: Emily
Short Review: Screwtape is a master devil who is training his nephew Wormwood. They are assigned to "patients" which are people that they are trying to sway to the dark side. It is a really good book and very cleverly written.